Four Skin Rejuvenation Services You Might Want to Try for Fewer Wrinkles, Skin Tightening, Or A Fresh Glow

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Four Skin Rejuvenation Services You Might Want to Try for Fewer Wrinkles, Skin Tightening, Or A Fresh Glow

If you always want to look your best, you may feel self-conscious when the skin on your face develops wrinkles, brown patches, sags, or when your skin loses its healthy glow. Fortunately, there are different types of skin rejuvenation services available that can improve the appearance and health of your skin. Here are a few skin treatments that might interest you. 

1. Heat Tightens Saggy Skin

Heat treatments can be given with laser, ultrasound, and radiofrequency treatments. These devices apply heat to the deep layer of your skin. This causes your skin to contract for an immediate change in appearance. The heat treatments also trigger collagen growth so your skin has gradual improvement in the weeks or months that follow.

You might need a few heat treatments spaced weeks apart to get the results you're hoping for, and you may need occasional maintenance treatments, but you may find you prefer keeping up with the treatments a better option than surgery. Your dermatologist can help you decide on the right type of heat treatment to take depending on where you want the treatment done and the condition of your skin.

2. PRP Treatments Reduce Wrinkles

PRP treatments can provide many benefits including wrinkle reduction. In addition, the treatments might firm your skin, smooth your skin's surface, even out your skin tone, and reduce brown spots on your skin. PRP treatments can improve the appearance of your face, neck, and hands.

These treatments are often combined with microneedling. The tiny punctures from microneedling allow the platelets to sink deep in your skin where they can stimulate the growth of fresh skin that is healthy and firm. You might also have the platelet-rich plasma injected into wrinkles in a manner similar to other dermal injections. Your dermatologist can explain the benefits of PRP therapy and decide on the right way to administer it to your skin.

3. Exfoliation Makes Your Skin Glow

Exfoliation can be done in different ways, such as a gentle facial or more intense dermabrasion. Exfoliation removes the top layer of dead cells to reveal the fresh, healthy skin below. These treatments are often combined with serums that moisturize and hydrate your skin. When finished, your skin has a fresh, youthful glow that makes you feel more satisfied with the appearance of your skin.

4. Peels Resurface Your Skin

Laser and chemical peels can be more intense skin rejuvenation services than other treatments that have little to no downtime. That's because peels remove the top layer of skin. However, when you've healed, you should notice fewer wrinkles, improved firmness, and diminished brown spots. Peels are often a good choice for sun-damaged skin that doesn't respond well to milder skin rejuvenation treatments.

Be sure to reach out to an esthetician for more information about skin rejuvenation services

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