Be Prepared: Why You Should Keep Covid-19 Home Tests on Hand

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Be Prepared: Why You Should Keep Covid-19 Home Tests on Hand

If you don't have a supply of rapid-response Covid-19 tests at home, now's the time to stock up. You might think that community testing sites are the best option, but that's not necessarily the case. Community testing sites do provide you with free Covid-19 testing, but the results can take several days to process. Unfortunately, you don't always have several days to wait. For those moments, you need to have access to the rapid results you can get from Covid-19 home tests. Here are just four of the reasons to keep a supply of home tests on hand. 

Get Into Isolation Quicker

If you have high-risk family members in your home, or you work in a field that puts you in contact with the general public, you need to know when you're positive for Covid-19. Waiting several days for results can put others at risk. That's where Covid-19 home tests come into the picture. With home tests, you'll have the results in a matter of minutes. If the test is positive for Covid-19, you can get into isolation much quicker. 

Return to Work Sooner

If you've been sent home from work due to exposure to Covid-19, or due to a positive test result, you want to return to work as quickly as possible. One way to do that is through the use of Covid-19 home tests. Most employers will allow you to return to work once you've tested negative for the virus. Unfortunately, waiting days for an available testing appointment, or waiting for the results, can delay your return to work. With Covid-19 home testing, you can get back to work that much quicker. 

Prepare for Vacation

If you're heading out on vacation to visit family, and you're worried about their health, it's time to invest in Covid-19 home tests. This is especially important if you plan to visit elderly family members or those with weakened immune systems. Home tests will allow you to test before you leave, and again once you arrive at your destination. That way, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you haven't put your family members at risk. 

Screen Your Guests

Finally, if you're planning a party, and you're not sure that all of your guests have been vaccinated, have a supply of Covid-19 home tests on hand. You can have each guest take a rapid-response test before entering your home. With Covid-19 home tests, you know that you're taking the appropriate steps to protect your guests, and yourself.

If you have questions about a covid test, be sure to speak with a local healthcare center for more information. 

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