Tips for a More Pleasant Medical Dispensary Visit

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Tips for a More Pleasant Medical Dispensary Visit

Visiting the dispensary does not always have to be a production. Sometimes, it can be like a trip to any other store. You walk in with money and walk out with your cannabis. But what if you want your medical dispensary visit to be a bit more? On days when you really want your dispensary visit to feel more like an experience, follow these tips.

1. Get straight on your goals.

Take a little time to sit back and think about your ultimate goals for using cannabis. Are you using cannabis primarily to reduce pain? Perhaps your main goal is to relieve anxiety. Write down your goals along with any details you can come up with about them. This way, you can bring your information along with you to the dispensary and share it with the budtenders. This will allow them to make more specific recommendations as to which strains you should be using. They can tell you what has worked for other patients with similar goals to your own.

Note that it's okay if your goals have changed over time! Maybe you initially used cannabis to deal with insomnia, but now you want to use it for anxiety. Share your new goals and old goals with the budtender.

2. Watch some videos on various products.

If there are some specific products you've been waiting to try, then look for videos on those specific products. Watch other people use and review the products, and pay attention to what they say. This can give you some insight into what questions you should ask the budtenders about the products prior to purchase. For example, if you see several reviewers mention that a concentrate is really strong, this might prompt you to ask your budtender whether they think that product is too strong for you, and what they might recommend instead.

3. Take stock of what you have and how you liked it.

Look through the cannabis products you already have, and reflect on those that you recently used up. Which ones did you like, and why? Sharing this information with the budtender can help them recommend other products you might also like. Which products did you find unappealing? Sharing this can also help ensure you don't end up with more similar products.

When you want to have an epic and productive trip to the dispensary, following the tips above will get you off on the right foot.

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