Pros and Cons of Lasik

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Pros and Cons of Lasik

Anyone who requires vision correction through contact lenses or eyeglasses knows the hassle that is involved with this necessity of life. When you have the popular Lasik procedure done, you are eliminating the need for vision correction. If you are considering getting rid of your glasses or contacts for forever, then consider the following pros and cons of Lasik. 

Pro - In and Out of Operation

The thought of surgery might be scary for you, and it might even be more of a scary topic when it is involving your eyes. The good thing about Lasik is that you are in and out of the operating room in the blink of an eye, literally! Since this is a procedure done on the eye, anesthesia is not used, but you can expect to have your eye numbed. The doctor may also give you medication to help calm your nerves if you are anxious about going into surgery. 

Con - Side Effects Following the Procedure

Many people experience mild side effects following the Lasik surgery, including dryness of the eyes. You can treat this with an over the counter eye lubricant and apply it as often as needed. Some people might experience a halo around lights when out driving in the evening hours. If this happens to you, let your doctor know, but be comforted knowing that this is usually only a temporary issue for patients.

Pro - No Longer Need Corrective Lenses

Imagine waking up and getting going, rather than hunting for your glasses or putting in corrective contact lenses. With Lasik, this dream can become a reality. You will save hundreds of dollars by not having to purchase contacts and glasses every year, and you don't have to remember to change out your lenses every day. People who opt for Lasik surgery find the money-saving possibilities to be one of the biggest reasons why they step foot into the operation room.

Con - Might Not Be a One-Time Fix

If you have extremely poor vision, you might need to have the procedure done again in a few years to correct your vision even more. Over time your vision might degrade back to where it was, so having the surgery done again will help keep your vision sharp and your need to reach for glasses at a minimum. 

To learn more about Lasik, contact an eye doctor near you to learn about the procedure.

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