Physical Therapists Can Help You With Lower Back Pain

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Physical Therapists Can Help You With Lower Back Pain

If you suffer from low back pain, you are in good company. Pain in the lower back is one of the most common chronic pain issues in the country. Most adults will experience this pain at some point in their lives, and many will seek out physical therapy to get through it.

Did you know that your core strength can have a lot to do with pain in your lower back? If you experience a lot of pain, your physical therapist will recommend that you perform a variety of core-related exercise.

Why Physical Therapists Emphasize the Core

Physical therapists emphasize your need to exercise your core for several reasons. For one, the muscles in your core are designed to provide support and stabilization for your spine. When you do things like sit all day, you are not actively using your core. Your spine does not have the support and strength it needs.

You may not be able to avoid things considered harmful for your back, like sitting for long periods of time, but you can certainly benefit from performing body weight exercises. Your physical therapist could make some exercise recommendations.

Physical Therapists May Recommend Planks

Planks are among the most common exercises for stabilizing the core. Plans from the elbow are easier for many people, but this does not mean they are easy. A physical therapist can instruct you on proper form, which includes engaging the glutes and core. Proper form is critical for keeping your body safe and healthy.

Physical Therapists May Recommend Back Extensions

Back extensions are also a critical part of strengthening your core and diminishing lower back pain. If you are able to perform this exercise, it will strengthen your back. The exercise is performed by letting the upper body hang over a surface, like over a table, bench, or seat. Use your core to lift your chest away from the floor. If you'd like, you can perform this exercise laying on your stomach on the floor too.

Physical therapists advise that you perform this exercise slowly to avoid injury or strain.

Physical Therapists May Recommend Regular Appointments

Finally, it is important that you make your regular physical therapy appointments. During your appointments, you will learn proper form and emphasize the important ways you can use your core and glutes to provide strength that helps your lower back. They will also provide you with additional exercises you can do at home to keep your core and lower back healthy.


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