How Botox Helps With A Lazy Eye

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How Botox Helps With A Lazy Eye

The development of a Lazy Eye is something that can impact a large number of people without warning. Though it often runs in the family and may be the result of genetics, some people may have weaker muscles in the eyes that make this condition a reality. Thankfully, the help of Botox therapy can eliminate this issue and provide a person with the help that they need to regain their vision.

A Lazy Eye Can Be Troubling

The condition known as Lazy Eye often develops early in a person's life and can get progressively worse as they age. Typically, it is caused by a myriad of issues with the eye, some of which require surgery to manage, such as refractory issues. However, the most common trigger for a Lazy Eye is muscle weakness and imbalance in and around the eye that can be troubling and hard to diagnose.

When this happens, the eye cannot hold a position as well as it would if the eye muscles were stronger and supported a person's vision better. Unfortunately, it can be very hard to increase the strength of these muscles via surgery or exercises. However, there is an alternative that may be a great option for those who need help with a Lazy Eye – the use of high-quality Botox treatment and therapy.

Botox Injections May Help

Botox is a well-known distillation of a dangerous poison that has been diluted and carefully prepared to make it safe. And it has been created to work with a handful of different cosmetic problems that may be hard to manage without this type of help. For example, many doctors use Botox to help tighten and strengthen the muscles around a person's eye to manage a Lazy Eye with ease.

This tightening happens because Botox kills unnecessary cells, which tightens them up and enhances the strength of the nearby muscles. As a result, those with a Lazy Eye may see it start to correct itself surprisingly quickly. While the Lazy Eye won't disappear over night or anything like that, the results may be noticeable in a week or two and can be quite large when the Botox is applied properly.

Thankfully, treatment of this type usually doesn't take a large number of applications to become effective. However, there may need to be a handful of different treatments before the change is permanent, so anybody getting this care must keep that fact in mind.

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