How The Mckenzie Method Helps Athletes With Shoulder Pain

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How The Mckenzie Method Helps Athletes With Shoulder Pain

The shoulders are two of the most important joints in the body, particularly for athletes and other types of competitors. Unfortunately, these joints can often suffer a myriad of unique pain problems that can be hard to diagnose and manage. And when this happens, athletes may need to work with a McKenzie Method physical therapist to manage their pain and stay focused on their performances.

Shoulder Pain Can Be Hard to Tolerate

When an athlete of any type develops shoulder pain, they are going to struggle to compete at a high level. Even competitors who don't use their arms that much — such as soccer players — will still feel pain as they run across a field and compete. And those who do always use their arms — such as baseball, football, and basketball players — will probably be unable to compete at their peak level if their shoulders are hurt.

And this type of pain can be somewhat mysterious and difficult to pinpoint in many different ways. For example, shoulder pain may develop due to a strain in the sinews and tendons in the shoulder that make it less stable. And some pain may be caused by wear and tear problems and general fatigue that may worsen as a person tries to play through it. Therefore, it is essential to get help from a McKenzie Method physical therapist right away.

Ways the McKenzie Method Can Help

The McKenzie Method is a unique physical therapy option that focuses heavily on careful movements and spinal health. Adherents to this method focus on the spine because it is so often the source of pain in a person's life. For example, spinal problems could result in shoulder pain that could worsen due to various other issues, such as problems with the sinews and tendons in the shoulder joint.

As a result, the McKenzie Method focuses on trying to extend the spine using various types of simple and gentle exercises. Many of these techniques can be performed by an athlete on their own and may include various types of shoulder movements that help to decrease a person's pain. Just as importantly, this method can also be done with a physical therapist to make it even more effective for an athlete.

And many of the methods that these athletes learn can be shared with others who may have similar shoulder pain to help them recover. However, an athlete should make sure not to utilize any care options that they don't fully understand because they may injure others if they do.

For more tips on McKenzie Method physical therapy, reach out to a local physical therapist.

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