Stem Cell Treatments

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Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cell therapy is a promising new area of medicine that helps the body regenerate tissue. Cells that are ravaged by disease or dying have a chance of repairing themselves. Experimental treatment options are being offered through injections with mixed results. The injections can cost upwards of $50,000 depending on which treatment is selected. Here are a few ways that stem cell therapy is changing treatment options. 

One popular way that stem cell therapy is used is to regenerate joints as an alternative to a joint replacement or for chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis. Unlike other treatments that have been studied extensively, stem cell therapy is new in its offerings to the public. Injections of stem cells are active for a year. Throughout the year the therapy may give the body enough support to heal. Additional treatments are not always needed to experience a better state of health and mobility. Patients who do experience relief may be able to have surgery.

Many people are concerned about the stem cell treatment expense and want to offset the costs with insurance. Only a few procedures are actually approved by insurance companies. Treatments for certain cancers  of the bone and aplastic anemia may be completely or partially covered. The stem cell therapy does not always give results that are satisfactory to the patient. Many requests by a primary care doctor or a specialist will be denied for medical necessity stating stem cell therapy is an experimental treatment. Older people facing medical problems are often surprised that medicare does not cover any form of stem cell treatment. 

Immediate results are possible when receiving prp treatments for cosmetic reasons. These treatment are popular because they can take several years off scared, wrinkled, or sagging skin. Many medical professionals are using laser treatments to improve the results of prp treatments. Premature hair loss in both men and women may be able to regrow the follicles of the hair. Balding early and hair loss due to wearing extensions has increased the demand for stem cell treatments. 

Insurance does not always cover other forms of stem cell treatments. There may be other ways to cover the costs of these treatments by paying out of pocket or through financing. Take time to see which stem cell therapy may work for personal maladies.  Work with a provider like the Spine Brain and Joint Institute to see which type of stem cell therapy would be most useful. 

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