An Examination Of The 3 Primary Actions Associated With Energy Involved In The Emotion Code

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An Examination Of The 3 Primary Actions Associated With Energy Involved In The Emotion Code

New Age healing is all about looking at the body as an energetic form because, by all rights, the body is made up of energy. You may be made up of atoms, but those atoms are protons, neutrons, and electrons, and those particles are made of energy-based quarks.

When a medical practitioner has an understanding of the body as mostly energy, they take completely new approaches to helping people overcome some of what their body and mind are dealing with. This basic idea is known as the emotion code or body code. Naturally, an emotion code is going to spend a lot of time helping you with various aspects of your own energy. Here are three of the primary actions associated with energy that are involved with treatment through the emotion code. 

Discovering the energy your body has, both good and bad. 

One of the big aspects of the body code is getting familiar with the energy your body possesses, which can be either negative or positive in form. Each individual has energy they hold onto, and it can affect everything about their day-to-day life, whether it is what they feel like when they climb out of bed or what illnesses they are experiencing. For example, negative energy that can result from a lot of stress can make the body feel tense and tired, which can also have a detrimental effect on your emotional outlook. 

Exposing the negative energies part of your subconscious that could be holding you back. 

Negative energy is often part of a subconscious place in the mind that is harder to recognize upfront. These energies oftentimes come across as negative emotions and feelings, such as anxiety and depression, both of which can bring about physical effects. A body code practitioner has training in both the human psyche and the human body, which can help you to find these negative energies hanging out in your mind. 

Empowering the mind and body with the energy that is present. 

Once you know what energies you are holding inside your mind and body, you gain power over them. You can learn to release those energies or harness those energies to bring about benefits for yourself. Whether it is harnessing the power of positive energy to help you feel more rejuvenated and refreshed or releasing negative energy that is holding you in a dark emotional state, empowerment comes from knowledge of these attributes. 

Contact an emotion code practitioner to learn more. 

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