Why Is It Important To See Your Dentist Regularly?

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Why Is It Important To See Your Dentist Regularly?

Dental experts suggest that adults and children have their teeth professionally cleaned every six months. People who are at greater risk for tooth decay should see their dentist more often. Even if you know you should see your dentist, you may be tempted to skip your regularly scheduled checkups. Here are a few reasons to see your dentist regularly and avoid skipping appointments:

1. Preserve your natural teeth.

Many parts of the human body can heal when injured. However, your teeth don't have the ability to repair themselves. Tooth decay can be removed using a dental drill, but the process removes an irreplaceable part of your teeth. Severe decay may require the affected teeth to be extracted. The teeth you have are the only ones you'll ever get through natural means, so it makes sense to preserve them as best you can. Regular visits to your dentist can help you accomplish this.

2. Avoid costly dental interventions.

Even with dental insurance, certain dental procedures can be costly. Root canal procedures can be expensive, and the requisite dental crown that protects your tooth after a root canal will add an additional expense. You can save yourself some costly dental bills by protecting your dental health with preventative care.

3. Have a primary dentist in case of emergencies.

Dental emergencies can occur without warning. If you get into an accident that impacts your face, one of your teeth may become chipped or cracked. In some cases, your tooth might be knocked out entirely. Fillings can fall out and dental crowns can fail after several years. If you don't have a primary dentist, you may have a hard time finding a dentist to treat your dental emergency. Most dentists are willing to see established patients on short notice when they're having a dental crisis.

4. Catch gum disease early.

During a dental appointment, your dentist will spend most of the time focused on your teeth. However, they will also check the overall health of your gums by testing the depth around your teeth. Shallow gums can indicate periodontal disease, which can be reversed if caught early. Healthy gums lead to healthy teeth, since advanced periodontal disease can even cause tooth loss. If your dentist feels your gums are not as healthy as they could be, they may recommend a more intensive flossing regimen that includes frequent mouthwash use.

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