How Serious Are Your Hemorrhoids?

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How Serious Are Your Hemorrhoids?

Those who are suffering from hemorrhoids will often treat the hemorrhoids themselves with over-the-counter medications or at-home remedies. However, there are some cases where hemorrhoids can become such a problem that they will require a more aggressive, non-surgical treatment. 

Warning Signs That You Need Treatment

When you experience bleeding, have a lump in your anus, or if you experience rectal pain, this can be a sign that you'll need to visit your doctor to make sure that there isn't a more serious underlying cause of your hemorrhoids. 

Common Hemorrhoid Symptoms

If you do not experience any of these symptoms, you'll want to try over-the-counter remedies. Hemorrhoids are able to cause severe itching around the anus. You may experience unpleasant fecal leakage. When you have a bowel movement, it can be very uncomfortable. You might also have an itchy or painful lump that forms near your anus. 

Chronic Hemorrhoids

If the hemorrhoids persist even after using over-the-counter remedies, you will want to turn to speak with your doctor. Even if your hemorrhoids are not a medical emergency, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't visit a doctor if that is the only way that you can finally have relief. Some hemorrhoids go away on their own, but others persist.

When It's a Medical Emergency

In some cases, you might experience a large amount of bleeding and you might feel faint. This is a medical emergency, and you'll want to head to an emergency medical care facility as soon as possible.

Non-Surgical Procedures for Hemorrhoids

When medical treatments are not effective against hemorrhoids, you might be concerned that the next step is to undergo surgery. However, there are several non-surgical procedures available for patients who are suffering from hemorrhoids. 

One approach is to use rubber band ligation. This involves placing two rubber bands on the base of the hemorrhoid with the goal of cutting off circulation. This causes the hemorrhoid to wither, and it will eventually fall off. The side effect of this procedure is that it can cause some bleeding. However, it is rarely severe and will usually last for only a few days. Inform your doctor if the bleeding continues for an extended period.

Lasers or heat can burn a hemorrhoid off. This procedure leads to the hemorrhoids shriveling and eventually falling off. It leads to very few side effects and is one of the most comfortable approaches to removing this condition. 

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