Signs That You Need Your Hearing Aid Repaired Or Replaced

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Signs That You Need Your Hearing Aid Repaired Or Replaced

Your hearing aid should make your life better by restoring your hearing to near-normal conditions and capacity. However, hearing aids can break down and need repair or need total replacement. Here are some common signs that your hearing aid needs repair and some signs that you need to adjust or entirely replace your hearing aid.

Signs Your Hearing Aid Needs Repair

If you are new to hearing aids, then sounds may sound strange during the adjustment period. However, if any of these problems come up after you've used your hearing aid for a long time, then you may need to have it repaired.

Your Hearing Aid Stops Working

If your hearing aid is brand-new and suddenly stops working, then you either need repair or replacement depending on the problem.

Your Hearing Aid's Volume Goes In and Out

The sound volume should be relatively constant and shouldn't cut in and out. Intermittent problems may be a sign that a certain component is broken or has a bad connection. 

Your Hearing Aid Is Broken

You may notice actual cracks in the hearing aid body or even parts falling off. Sometimes, this can be repaired depending on the extent of the damage.

You Experience a Whistling Noise

Whistling noises often occur when the device is dirty or plugged with ear wax. If you've thoroughly cleaned your hearing aid, then it may need repair.

Signs You Need a Hearing Aid Replacement

Hearing aids don't last forever and your needs may change over time. Here are some reasons why you may want to entirely replace your hearing aid.

Your Hearing Got Worse

If your hearing has worsened, then you may need a different type of hearing aid to fit your needs.

Your Hearing Aid Is Old

Old hearing aids can fail and need more frequent repairs. Also, the fit might change and make the hearing aid uncomfortable.

You Want Newer Features

Hearing aid technology and research are continuously and rapidly changing. A newer and better hearing aid with enhanced features may be more desirable.

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

You may wish to participate in certain activities and sports and need a hearing aid that can handle more jarring or sudden movements. Or you have changed working environments or hobbies and need a hearing aid that better suit those situations.

Your hearing aid should not have any distortions, fit comfortably in your ear, and be easy to maintain. Hearing aids do wear down and break, so if you haven't had a hearing test or hearing aid check in a while, then you may be overdue for an examination. If your hearing aid is having problems, or you need a new one, then see a hearing aid provider for repair or retesting and replacement.

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