Exploring All The Reasons Why You Can't Get An Erection: It Isn't Just Physical!

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Exploring All The Reasons Why You Can't Get An Erection: It Isn't Just Physical!

If you are male and concerned that you cannot get an erection, there might be more at play here than just a physical cause. In fact, if you choose to see an erectile dysfunction doctor at an ED clinic, you may learn a lot about all of the causes of ED, and about yourself, too. Here are all the causes that an ED doctor will look at and test you to see what might be the trouble. 

The Biggest Sex Organ Is Not Your Penis

Contrary to popular belief, the biggest sex organ is not a penis! It is your brain. If you are not aroused in your head, the chemicals responsible for giving you an erection cannot travel from your brain to your penis because the chemicals are not made when you are not aroused. Your doctor will ask you questions about your sex life, what seems to turn you on/help you become aroused, and then examine why that might impact your sex life in the bedroom with a partner.

Something as simple as a fear of making a partner pregnant or no longer finding your partner attractive can dull the production of the hormones responsible for an erection. Those causes of ED are all in your head. It may mean examining the psychological and emotional causes of ED much closer in order to understand your problem. 

Biology and Age 

The human body is designed to be flooded with hormones to procreate and have lots of sex while you are young. Later in life, these hormones drop off sharply because you are no longer young enough to manage the demands of raising children. That is just simple biology and the factor of age working against you. If you still want to be really active sexually, have your doctor check your testosterone levels, your cholesterol levels (because high cholesterol can affect testosterone production), and your thyroid levels. If your cholesterol and thyroid hormones are within the normal range, and your testosterone is a little low, then your doctor can prescribe hormone replacement therapy to boost your testosterone production and increase your erections. 


As you get older, you end up taking all kinds of medications for all kinds of health conditions. Some of these medications easily cause flaccidity, namely, blood pressure medications and antidepressants. Your doctor can discuss different medications for you, but if you cannot be without your medications, alternative treatments will be discussed.   

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