Post Weight Loss Surgery: The Journey To Health And Fitness

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Post Weight Loss Surgery: The Journey To Health And Fitness

Sometimes a weight loss surgery can seem like that answer to all of your problems. Most people seem to just focus on the fact that they will finally have help losing the weight that they have struggled with for so long. Before you allow yourself to be sucked into that kind of thinking, you should study up on what takes place after bariatric surgery.   


There are different types of bariatric surgeries including a gastric sleeve and a gastric bypass. A gastric bypass is when doctors create a small stomach pouch by excising it from the bulk of the stomach, and then bring the small intestine up and attach it to the pouch. This makes it so that the bulk of the stomach is bypassed by the food, drastically limiting any food that can enter the digestive system. A gastric sleeve is similar, though instead of bypassing the stomach, the outer portion of the organ is excised, reducing the size of the stomach by about 75%. Even with the surgery, results vary based on the patient and their efforts. It is possible to gain weight with a gastric bypass if someone's habits are poor enough. For that reason, there are things that much be done following a weight loss surgery.


Exercise is an essential part of any weight loss journey. It can be very difficult to have a normal exercise regimen before bariatric surgery since having so much weight on your joints can make it incredibly hard to move. For this reason, obese patients should focus on low impact exercise methods, such as swimming, bike riding, and stretching. Weight lifting is also an incredible method since the more muscle you have in your body, the more calories you will burn during rest. 

Diet Plan

Sticking to your post-surgery diet is also a vital part of recovery. Due to the drastic changes the stomach goes through in weight loss surgery, it cannot support some foods. Each doctor has different specialized meal plans, though most of them start with a very basic liquid diet and limited calories. Disciplined eating for the rest of your life is required in order for you to stay healthy and fit. 

In conclusion, bariatric surgery can be a great solution for disciplined individuals who are serious about putting in the effort to lose weight. If you think you are willing and able to give weight loss surgery a legitimate chance of success, talk to your doctor today to get the ball rolling.

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