When Your DX Of ED Needs An RX ASAP: Why A Treatment Clinic May Be Your Best Option

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When Your DX Of ED Needs An RX ASAP: Why A Treatment Clinic May Be Your Best Option

A diagnosis (DX) of erectile dysfunction (ED) means you need a remedy (RX), as soon as possible (ASAP). Since this isn't a condition you likely want to advertise by asking everyone you know if they have experience with it and what they've done about it, your solution likely resides in a discreet ED Treatment Clinic, located close enough to your home to be convenient, but far enough away that you won't feel self-conscious about being recognized. For many reasons, an ED treatment clinic is an ideal way to return to your usual self.

ED Treatment Clinics Are More Anonymous

Waiting at your doctor's office, you're likely to run into neighbors, your kid's or grandkid's teachers, or maybe even an ex-partner, which means coming up with an explanation for your presence. Since you don't want to lie, this is a scenario that's best avoided to begin with. If you've already been to your doctor for your ED, to no avail, it's time to find a clinic where you won't run into anyone you know and your options for treatment aren't limited to traditional medical textbooks.

Clinics Offer Comprehensive Evaluations

If you're thinking the term "clinic" implies anything sub-par to any other medical facility, think again. ED clinics are knowledgeable, equipped and extensively experienced in the issues men face. Your evaluation will help determine the cause of your ED and, hence, aid in discovering the most appropriate treatment. While cases are rarely inexplicable, a thorough examination and interview should reveal the origins of your problem:

  • Lifestyle culpabilities, from being overweight or too sedentary, to smoking, drinking, and more.
  • Medical complications, such as side-effects from certain prescriptions, diabetes, or physical trauma.
  • Specific medical conditions that inhibit blood flow to the area.
  • Mental health factors, like too much stress in your relationship, performance anxiety, depression, or a poor opinion of yourself.

Whatever the cause of your ED, discovering it is the first step in resolving it and you need an environment where you feel free to talk about your life and what's on your mind in order to accomplish that. For a lot of men, the doctor's office just isn't the right place, especially since ED is such a personal condition with very personal consequences. A clinic specializes in this condition only and understands your need for discretion, diagnosis, and sensitivity.

You'll Find A Wide Range Of Treatments

On a case-by-case basis, men are offered highly specific treatment to address their diagnosed conditions. While testosterone replacement therapy may work for some, intracavernosal injections might be better for others. Medications, too, are available, but you'll learn about the best methods of treatment after the clinic has really gotten to know you and the issues you're enduring. Counseling, also, could be an option, especially if you've been through a rough patch in life or a particularly painful relationship recently. Counseling can also be helpful in teaching you how to channel the frustrations you have about your condition until it's properly managed, along with improving your intimate communication skills, if needed.

A DX of ED is no laughing matter; however, it's important to not be too hard on yourself or the healing process. You are, after all, only human, no matter how much you've relied on your sexual prowess and reciprocated affection for fulfillment in life. Try to have a sense of humor, if you can (because laughing is good for your blood flow), but definitely have an open mind. An ED clinic can help you in many ways, but as with most medical situations, the patient plays a major role in healing themselves, too.

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